What is a Birthday Suit? (English Expression)

Meaning and Explanation of Birthday Suit

This English expression is a bit of a joke. If you are “wearing your birthday suit”, then you are naked. Your “birth day suit” is the suit that you were wearing when you were born. Of course, when you were born, you weren’t wearing a suit at all, because you were a naked baby. 

The day that you were born was a very auspicious day, don’t you agree? Since your birthday was a very special day of celebration, people should dress formally for the occasion. That means everyone should wear a suit. However, babies are born naked. So the only suit that you can wear on your birth day is “nothing”. 


Examples of “Birthday Suit” in TV and Movies


Here are a few notes regarding the usage of this phrase. 

  • This is a common expression (in any casual situation where someone is talking about being naked).
  • Use this in casual situations, with friends and family. This is not useful in a business setting.
  • This is a corny joke. It’s very lighthearted and silly.
  • This can be used to describe either men and women.
  • You must use a possessive pronoun (e.g. my, his, her, your). You can’t say “a birthday suit” or “the birthday suit”.

Example Sentences

  • “I came home from school, only to find dad standing in the kitchen, in his birthday suit, drinking a glass of orange juice. I will never forget that horrific image for as long as I live.”

  • “It’s embarrassing for some Westerners to go to Japanese hot springs, because everyone is walking around in their birthday suit.”

  • “I can’t tell any of my friends, but my favourite weekend activity is watching TV and eating potato chips in my birthday suit.”


Other Examples

English Lesson - Birthday Suit - Example in popular culture. 'Dennis the Menace' says, "an'I'll just stay in my birthday suit?"
‘Dennis the Menace’ comic strip

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