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To Phone It In (English Idiom)

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Examples of “To Phone It In” in TV & Movies FRIENDS – Season 1, Episode 10, The One With the Monkey   Ross: (Watching Marcel and talking to Rachel) I wanted this to work so much. I mean I’m still in there, changing his diapers, pickin’ his fleas… but he’s just phoning it in. Just …

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A Hard Quality (‘Friends English Lesson’)


This is actually not a common English expression. Because this is the first time we are meeting David, the writers of Friends wanted us to know that he’s a scholarly scientist guy – the kind of person who’s a professor at a University. That sort of person usually has detailed discussions with their colleagues, and in those discussions, the language usually becomes unnecessarily complicated.

Meaning of “That Guy’s Going Home With a Note”


Badly behaved students were sent home with a note from the teacher to the student’s parents. It was an effective punishment because it lasted a long time