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To Close Someone Out (English Expression)

“To close someone out” (also “to shut someone out”) means to stop connecting with them emotionally. This usually means that you stop talking, stop touching, and/or stop sharing your emotions. You’re still present, but you no longer let that person “inside of you”. They can no longer see what you’re thinking and feeling. They can no longer go inside of you, and see the world from your perspective. You’ve closed them out (of your experience of the world).

To Put In Some K.P. (or K.P. Duty)

K.P. stands for “kitchen police duty” or “kitchen patrol”. If you do K.P., then you take charge in the kitchen, and accomplish some kitchen tasks (such as cooking, cleaning, or doing dishes).

Touch and Go

In Season 1, Episode 9 of The Mentalist, ‘Flame Red’, we hear the following idiom. The burn unit in Sacramento says it’s touch and go. touch and go [adjective] If something is described as “touch and go”, then the eventual safety or success of that noun is uncertain. Sample sentences: Our team was down by …

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