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‘You and I Kinda Drifted Apart’ Meaning

Meaning of 'We Drifted Apart'

What does ‘We Drifted Apart’ mean?

“To drift” means to be moved by a current of air or water. When sometime drifts, it’s not doing the moving, but is being moved by something else.

Wind Blowing an Airplane

When two things drift in different directions, then they “drift apart”.
This can happen with two icebergs floating in the water, for example.

People can also drift apart. When two people “drift apart”, it means they begin to meet each other less often. Sometimes they develop different interests, or find different friends to spend time with. As a result, the two friends slowly and gradually stop meeting each other.

When two people drift apart and stop spending time together, it’s not because of:

  • A fight
  • One friend moving to a new country
  • A big life event

When friends drift apart, they don’t intend to stop seeing each other. Drifting apart doesn’t happen on purpose. When a balloon drifts through the air, it does not choose to go in any direction. Likewise, when two friends drift apart, they do not choose to do so.

This FRIENDS episode is from 1994.
Do People Still Say “Drift Apart” today?

Yes!! It’s still quite common.

Here are three links to articles on the Internet that include the verb ‘to drift apart’.

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