English Slang: No Snap in His Turtle


It Seems You’ve Started Watching Friends. Great!!
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Watching Friends is a great way to learn English, while having a lot of fun! But as you watch this first episode, you may already have questions about natural everyday English. This includes questions about English slang, such as “no snap in his turtle”, which is said season in Season 1, Episode 1 of Friends.


What does “No Snap In His Turtle” mean? When should I say this?


Video Lesson:

TV-ESL - Friends S01E01 - No Snap In His Turtle

Written Lesson:

This is not a real English expression. Nobody in the history of the world has said “no snap in his turtle”, except for this chef.

It sounds a little bit like similar English expressions:

This is an example of the Friends trying to be funny, by creating new and surprising English idioms. That’s why the audience laughs. They understand the meaning behind the words (he is unable to perform in the bedroom), but they’ve never heard this combination of words before.

Sometimes funny new combinations of words from TV shows become a regular part of modern English. That’s not the case with this expression!

If you said this to a native English speaker in conversation, they would probably not understand. This is a FRIENDS ONLY joke! 🙂

Watching Friends Gets Easier…

I understand that it is frustrating to not know if an idiom is real, or if it’s a joke. Thankfully, as the FRIENDS series progresses, there are fewer of these types of jokes. Season 1 has a lot of this type of “clever” humour. But, in later seasons, this won’t happen as much. They start to use a different kind of humour – it gets even better!!

I think this TV show is worth watching! I’m glad you’ve chosen it. I hope you enjoy the series very much. 🙂


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