‘This guy says hello, I wanna kill myself’

This Guy Says Hello, I Wanna Kill Myself

There is an implied “When” at the beginning of this. So, the meaning is “When this guy says hello, I want to kill myself.”

Saying two sentences like this, back-to-back, without saying “when” sounds very New York like.
It’s usually said sarcastically, and it’s usually about something bad.

Here’s another example. Let’s suppose someone in Newy York ordered a coffee at a restaurant and the waitress said, “It’s pretty late. Maybe you should get herbal tea instead.” Our New Yorker might say:

I ask for a coffee, I get a sermon on how caffeine is bad for me.

If I, as a Canadian wanted to pretend to sound like I’m from New York, this might be something I would do.

It’s probably not a grammatical structure that you should consider using.
If you said this, people might ask you, “Why are you trying to sound like a New Yorker?”. 🙂

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