[Transcript] The Mentalist – S01E09 – Flame Red

Jane: Are you ready? Feeling awake, mentally alert?

Lisbon: Yes.

Jane: Fantastic. Okay. I want you to imagine a screen between you and I. On that screen I want you to project a basic shape like a square, but not a square. Got it?

Lisbon: Okay.

Jane: Lock it in. Now I want you to project another shape and put that shape around the shape you already have.

Lisbon: Okay.

Jane: Excellent. Here’s the fun part. Now concentrate and project that onto the back of my mind. Look right here. Open up your mind and send it to me. Okay, now I’m starting to feel it. It’s a triangle inside a circle.

Lisbon: No.

Jane: It’s not?

Lisbon: No. I was thinking of an octagon inside a rectangle.

Jane: Liar.

Lisbon: All right. All right, you got me.

Van Pelt: Hmm, pretty good, huh? He got me and Rigsby the same way.

Lisbon: How did you do that?

Jane: Oh, that’s nothing. That’s just a calibration key to real mind reading. Now I have access to all your innermost thoughts.

Lisbon: Yeah, right.

Jane: I’m serious.

Lisbon: Okay. So what am I thinking right now?

Jane: You’re thinking, “I’m so glad Jane is joking around and he can’t actually read my mind.”

Lisbon: No. Well… well, actually, yes. But…but not for the reason you think.

Jane: What reason do I think?

Lisbon: Never you mind.

Rigsby: You’re blushing.

Jane: You are blushing.

Cho: Hey, we’re up. Suspected arson/murder on a farm in Marquesa. The county D.A.’s asking if we’ll check it out.

Lisbon: Let’s go.

Cho: All right.

Lisbon: Chief Piller, why the fire truck? Shouldn’t they be gone by now?

Chief Piller: Well, took forever to put the fire out. There wasn’t enough water pressure to fill the hoses on account of the drought. Rich Garcia used to have the best corn in the county. Now look at it. Anyway, this is where we found him— What was left of him. There’s hardly anything left for Susan and Madeleine to bury.

Jane: Tough to bury a comrade, I think. Probably saved your life more than once. Vice versa?

Chief Piller: How did you know we served together?

Jane: You’ve been crying. You don’t strike me as the kind of man that would cry for no reason. And that’s a national guard signet ring you’re wearing, isn’t it?

Chief Piller: Yeah, we were in the 3-192 armor. We did two tours in Anbar together. So you must be the arson specialist.

Jane: Uh, no. The arson specialist…

Lisbon: That would be Agent Rigsby. Mr. Jane is a consultant.

Chief Piller: Mm. So you—you’ll be able to tell, then, definitively, whether the fire was, uh, arson or accident or whatever?

Rigsby: Two years with the San Diego county arson squad, chief. I’ll be able to tell. Chief Piller, you and your men haven’t contaminated the scene, correct?

Chief Piller: My men? Uh, it’s just me and Terry O’Brien, agent. But yeah, we did like you said. After we hauled Rich out, we haven’t set foot in.

Rigsby: So to determine if it’s arson, I’m gonna need to analyze the burn path, find the point of origin, check for signs of an accelerant. It’s arson, all right… And murder.

Van Pelt: How can you tell?

Rigsby: This is part of the garage door.

Van Pelt: Yes?

Rigsby: The lock’s on the outside. Someone locked Garcia in, lit the place up. Your friend was murdered. I’m sorry.

Cho: Don’t they usually like to watch their work—arsonists?

Rigsby: Yeah, even more so when it’s coupled with murder.

Lisbon: Maybe this guy’s different. What do you think… Jane? Jane? Jane?

Van Pelt: Patrick Jane?

Jane: Over here! He watched from up here. He was here.

Lisbon: What does it look like?

Rigsby: It’s sophisticated work. Electronic timers, mercury switches. Need the lab on it to be sure, but looks like they used a distinctive accelerant—rocket fuel, something like that, so we have a pro at work.

Cho: Or a very gifted amateur. Great.

Lisbon: And get a cast of the tire tracks down the road. You guys go into town and talk to the guy Garcia was going to meet that night—chief, what’s his name?

Chief Piller: Mitchell Reese. He works the gas station on Main Street.

Rigsby: Mitchell Reese. On our way.

Lisbon: Let’s you and me go in and talk to the widow. Jane?

Chief Piller: These folks are from The California Bureau of Investigation. They’re gonna help find who did this to Rich.

Susan: Hi. Nice to meet you. Thank you for coming. I, uh… Are you hungry? There’s more than enough.

Jane: Oh, I-I could do with a bite.

Lisbon: No, but thank you, Mrs. Garcia.

Jane: Guess not.

Ben: I, uh, put in some K.P. with the dishes, and brought in the firewood, so you’re all set.

Susan: Thank you.

Ben: You need anything?

Susan: No, Ben, I’m good. Thank you so much. These are the state police people.

Ben: Oh, hey. Ben Machado. Anything you need, just say the word. You got it.

Chief Piller: Ben’s our, uh, go-to guy in Marquesa.

Ben: He just means I’m the only real estate agent around here who takes his commission in fertilizer and chickens.

Jane: You were in the 192nd as well?

Ben: That’s right.

Jane: You have that military bearing.

Chief Piller: Rich and Ben and me and a couple other guys ran a platoon together.

Ben: Yeah. You guys are gonna catch the bastard who did this ASAP, right?

Lisbon: We’re certainly gonna try.

Ben: I guess that’ll have to do. I’ll see you in the morning?

Chief Piller: I should go, too.

Lisbon: Ma’am, mind if we ask you some questions?

Susan: No, of course not. Please.

Jane: You must be Madeleine. Maddy.

Maddy: Whatever you’re selling—pass.

Jane: Funny.

Maddy: What are you, a moron? My dad just died.

Jane: Yes. My condolences It happens. You’ll learn to live with it. Not for, uh, a while… but in the end, you will.

Maddy: Who are you?

Jane: My name’s Patrick Jane. I’m the man that will find out who it was that killed your father and have him or her, or them, put in a prison cell. If you’ll talk to me.

Maddy: If I’ll talk to you? Like I know who did it.

Jane: Well, you could help me find out.

Maddy: Yeah? Jane Your dad was in the National Guard for a long time. How come there’s no pictures of him with his buddies?

Maddy: He used to have all his military crap in a glass case on the photo wall. You know, medals and pictures and stuff. But he took it down.

Jane: Why is that?

Maddy: How should I know? He didn’t like talking about what he did over there – not to me, anyway.

Jane: Who did he talk to, your mom?

Maddy: No.

Jane: What do you mean by, “no”?

Maddy: Nothing. I mean, he doesn’t like talking about that stuff.

Jane: Why are you so angry at your mom?

Maddy: I’m… I’m not.

Jane: If you weren’t angry, you’d be with her right now. She needs you. Her husband just died.

Maddy: Oh, I’m sure she’ll learn to live with it.

Susan: I was watching TV. Maddy was in her room. Richard called to say he was leaving Mitch’s, he’d be home soon. He was doing stuff for the avocado parade. And then next thing, I heard a strange noise, and I saw a light out that window. It was the garage burning, and Rich inside it… screaming. That’s what the noise was— Rich screaming, trying to get out of the garage.

Tommy: Hello, Mrs. Garcia. Um, I brought corn chips— uh, cool ranch.

Susan: Thank you, sweetie. Um, would you like some food?

Tommy: Oh, could I have some chicken?

Susan: Of course, anything you want. Help yourself. Um, Tommy does odd jobs around town. Challenged, but ever so independent, bless him.

Maddy: “Challenged”? He’s retarded, mom. Why can’t you ever tell the truth about anything? Everything’s a lie!

Susan: Sorry. You know teenagers.

Jane: You know why she’s so angry? She suspects that your lover is responsible for the killing of her father.

Susan: My lover? How dare you!

Jane: The policeman.

Lisbon: Chief Piller?

Jane: Him.

Susan: Maddy suspects no such thing.

Jane: Well, that wasn’t very convincing. You want to try that again with a little more feeling?

Susan: You just cannot come in her and make wild accusations like this.

Jane: You never looked him in the eye once. He kept trying to take your hand. You wouldn’t let him. The air was practically buzzing with furtive shame and yearning, which tells me that you were lovers and suggests two possibilities: You and Piller killed your husband together, and now you’re remorseful…

Susan: No.

Jane: No. I believe you. You’d have found a more humane method of killing him. Second possibility: you have a horrible feeling that maybe Piller did this thing to clear the field for himself.

Susan: No. Trey would never. They were best friends.

Jane: A best friend that has an affair with his “best friend’s” wife?

Lisbon: Susan, we’ll find out the truth.

Susan: When Rich came back from the war… He closed me out. He went somewhere else. He wasn’t my husband anymore.

Lisbon: Did you have an affair with Trey Piller?

Susan: Yes. But Trey would never hurt Rich. I know that.

Jane: Well, you hope.

Rigsby: Come on, help us out, Mr. Reese. You might have been the last person to see Rich Garcia alive.

Mitchell: How about that!

Van Pelt: What’s the problem? Electric’s shot, I bet. Always the same with the early ’70s models, huh?

Mitchell: Yeah. I gotta get the old pig runnin’ smooth for the parade. That’s what Rich and I were talking about the night he died.

Van Pelt: Did you notice anyone else around, anyone waiting nearby for him? What time did he leave?

Mitchell: It was kind of late. Around 10:00, maybe. Are you thinkin’ this is murder? Someone cooked him deliberate?

Rigsby: Yes, looks like.

Mitchell: That’s weird.

Rigsby: Why “weird”?

Mitchell: Another man killed by arson in the same town from the same guard unit? That’s weird.

Rigsby: Hang on. Another man?

Mitchell: Didn’t Chief Piller tell you? Three years ago. A guy called David Martin. Burnt to a crisp.

Rigsby: And he was with the 192nd as well?

Mitchell: Yep. That’s what I heard, anyhow. It was before my time. Only been in town a year. David Martin lived up at Alton’s Grove. Surprised Chief Piller didn’t mention him.

Van Pelt [on phone]: Van Pelt.

Ben: This is Trey Piller’s house.

Rigsby: Fire department’s on its way, boss.

Lisbon: Is Chief Piller still inside?

Ben: I don’t know.

Chief Piller: Help!

Cho: Stop! Rigsby, wait! Idiot!

Van Pelt: Rigsby! Oh, my god! Don’t move. Don’t move. Don’t move. Don’t move. You’ll be all right. You’re gonna be okay. I’m just gonna lift your arm, okay? The doctor said we have to change the dressing pretty often at first.

Rigsby: How’s Chief Piller? The burn unit in Sacramento says it’s touch and go.

Lisbon: Here. It’s that mango crap you like.

Jane: How are you feeling?

Rigsby: Took some kick-ass painkillers, man I guess this lets Piller out as a suspect, huh?

Lisbon: Yeah, especially since the doctors at the burn unit found date rape drugs in his system. He told them that he woke up with smoke and fire all around him.

Jane: Interesting new level of cruelty, dosing someone so they wake up just in time to burn alive.

Cho: Hey, it’s the mummy. So the fire at Piller’s house— Same M.O. As the one that killed Rich Garcia. Accelerant’s ethyl ether. That’s a signature. Tricky stuff to work with, too. Takes skill, finesse.

Lisbon: Why don’t you go and see what Susan Garcia has to say about all this? And let’s you and me check out this Alton’s Grove place where David Martin died.

Rigsby: Oh, “the mummy.” I get it. Bandages.

Lisbon: And no more painkillers for him.

Cho: Why didn’t you tell us about Dave Martin?

Susan: What about him?

Cho: Same national guard unit, same death by fire. That’s a pretty spooky coincidence.

Susan: But Dave’s death was an accident, and nearly three years ago, besides…

Cho: An accident?

Susan: Passed out with a cigarette, poor fool. Burned his place right down to a cinder. There wasn’t a thing left of him. We had to bury ashes.

Cho: Are there any, um… Are there any other connections between this Dave Martin and your husband?

Susan: Dave was kind of in business with them — With Rich and Trey and Ben.

Cho: What kind of business? Susan: Mar Verde Real Estate Corporation, they called it. It started out as just a way to get Dave Martin a place to live. “No man left behind”, and all… even Dave.

Cho: He had problems?

Susan: He was an ornery drunk, basically. Didn’t get along with anyone but his guard buddies. They got together and bought a 5-acre piece of land from the town up at Alton’s Grove.

Cho: And after he died, what happened to the land?

Susan: Oh, it took forever to get the land back into their names. Legal silliness. I told Rich, “Don’t waste your time. Land’s worth nothing anyhow.” Tommy Odds lives up there now, kind of a caretaker.

Cho: And as of now, Ben Machado’s the only partner still standing?

Susan: I guess that’s right.

Lisbon [on phone]: Interesting. Give me a call after you speak to Machado.

Jane: We have an audience. Hey, Tommy. Remember Teresa Lisbon?

Tommy: Um, come in.

Lisbon: So, Tommy… We are here because… Mrs. Garcia told my colleague that you look after this place for the owners?

Tommy: I keep an eye out. That’s what Mr. Garcia said: “keep an eye out, Tommy.”

Lisbon: Is that David Martin?

Tommy: Dave was nice. He didn’t make fun of me, not one time. You don’t smoke cigarettes, do you?

Lisbon: No.

Tommy: Oh, good. Dave did, and he got burned up on accident.

Lisbon: Did you see it?

Tommy: No, I was at the hospital, ’cause my appendix busted. You want to see my scar?

Lisbon: No. No, but I’m sure Mr. Jane would love to. Jane? Jane?

Lisbon: All this green in the middle of a drought?

Jane: Not at Alton’s Grove.

Tommy: Do you like it? I got geraniums, too.

Lisbon: It’s very pretty.

Tommy: But don’t tell, okay? The, the company will make me move out. I won’t have nowhere to live.

Lisbon: It seems like it’s coming from the ground.

Jane: It’s an aquifer – new source of groundwater.

Lisbon: Must be worth millions.

Jane: Worth killing for.

Rigsby: Van Pelt?

Van Pelt: Yes?

Rigsby: “Grace”… It’s a lovely name. Graceful. I’ve been waiting to say something to you for ages now. I think now’s a good time, ’cause I nearly died. I love you, Grace. I totally love you. Wh… You okay?

Van Pelt: Yes.

Rigsby: Why did you make that noise?

Van Pelt: It’s not that I don’t like you. I do. It’s just… We work together, And there are rules. And if we were to get together, one of us would have to leave the unit, and I’m junior agent, so that would be me. And this job is so important to me, and I just…

Cho: Hey. You want to go to work, or you want to play nurse for King Tut?

Van Pelt: Work. Definitely work.

Van Pelt: Mr. Machado? Hello?

Cho: Maybe he’s around back. Let’s check out the barn.

Van Pelt: I guess we found Machado.

Cho: Yeah. Mr. Machado! Ben Machado!

Ben: Come any closer, and I’ll shoot you, and I will shoot to kill!

Cho: Mr. Machado, we’re police! This is the police!

Ben: Let me see a badge!

Van Pelt: I’m showing the badge. Don’t shoot!

Ben: Damn! Okay. Don’t shoot!

Cho: Turn around.

Ben: I didn’t know you guys were cops.

Cho: What, you thought we were selling magazine subscriptions?

Cho: Hey, check this out— The accelerant used in the fires. Six jugs of it in the barn.

Rigsby: Ethyl ether. Burns at 600 degrees Fahrenheit. You know what temp human skin burns at? I was lucky. Second-degree burns mostly. Trey Piller’s face, it just came off.

Ben: Look, I don’t know where that stuff came from. Someone’s framing me.

Cho: Somebody frame you for shooting at us, Mr. Machado? ’cause from where I stood, sure looked like you.

Ben: That was a misunderstanding. I didn’t know who you guys were I was defending myself.

Cho: Really? From whom?

Ben: From someone trying to kill me, just like they killed Rich And tried to kill Trey.

Cho: And why would you be next on someone’s to-burn list.

Ben: Because we were all in business together.

Cho: And with them gone, you’re the sole proprietor of Alton’s Grove – sole owner of all that water.

Rigsby: Oh, yeah, Ben, we know about the aquifer. All that money right under your feet. But see, that’s the perfect motive for you to burn up Piller and Garcia. You.

Ben: I didn’t do it, okay?

Cho: Mm-hmm. So you’re saying whoever did fry them is going to try to kill you. Now who is that again?

Ben: I don’t know.

Cho: Ben, I gotta say, I’m skeptical. Why would anyone want to see you three dead? Who benefits from that?

Jane: Do you want to know my guess?

Ben: No.

Jane: Dave Martin.

Ben: Dave Martin is dead.

Jane: Is he? Did you see his body, Ben, after the fire?

Ben: No, but he’s dead.

Jane: You seem pretty sure about that, like you were there.

Ben: What are you insinuating?

Jane: Nothing. Nothing at all. I’m saying you three tried to kill him to get Alton’s Grove for yourselves.

Ben: That’s a lie.

Jane: Dave came to you all excited. He found a liquid fortune… on property that you bought for him—practically your land. Dave owed you. But he didn’t even offer you a taste, did he? Ungrateful bastard.

Ben: That’s ridiculous. We had no idea what was there, till recently.

Jane: You and Rich and Trey wanted what Dave had, so you set fire to his house, and you left him there to die. Imagine – imagine the betrayal he felt, the helpless rage.

Ben: That fire was a tragic accident and you have no proof otherwise.

Jane: Well, someone out there doesn’t need proof. Someone out there needs revenge. Someone very smart and very determined. That’s why he’s terrified and shooting at cops. Well, you should be terrified. I hope you burn like a candle, you miserable son of a bitch.

Ben: You can’t talk to me like that. I have rights.

Jane: Yes, you do. Well, let this creep go. We don’t have anything on him.

Lisbon: Two notes here: we already have plenty on him. One: Armed assault on Cho and Van Pelt, and two: a barn full of fire accelerant as well.

Jane: The assault was self-defence, and the accelerant was a plant. Only two?

Lisbon: Actually, no. Where do you get off giving orders in the first place? I say who goes and who stays, not you.

Jane: Well, that’s, uh, fiery but calm. Very good. Why don’t you try it with a more forceful hand gesture, like, “I say who goes and who stays, not you”?

Lisbon: I’m serious.

Jane: So am I. If he’s in here, how is the killer gonna get to him?

Lisbon: He could be the killer! And even if he’s not, we don’t want the killer to get him.

Jane: Yes, we do. Machado is our bait. He’s our tethered goat.

Lisbon: And, “too bad if the bait gets killed”?

Jane: Well, yes. That’s why you use goats and not babies or virgins, for that matter.

Lisbon: Machado’s not a goat.

Jane: Well, you’re right. He’s not actually a goat. He’s goatish. He deserves to suffer a little.

Lisbon: Nobody deserves murder.

Jane: Machado helped burn Dave Martin alive out of greed.

Lisbon: Jane, we’re officers of the law.

Jane: You are. I don’t care about the law. I care about justice. And justice says Machado deserves to suffer.

Lisbon: That’s not justice. It’s vengeance.

Jane: What’s the difference?

Cho: What do you want us to do with Machado, boss?

Lisbon: Let him go.

Cho: Really? Like, “let him go” let him go?

Lisbon: Really, like that.

Cho: Okay.

Jane: Trying some reverse psychology?

Lisbon: You talk tough. Maybe it’s time you learn that there’s consequences. If Machado gets hurt, it’s on you.

Jane: Fine with me. We’ve never discussed this, because I thought it went without saying. But, when I catch Red John, I’m gonna cut him open and watch him die slowly, like he did with my wife and child. And if you have a problem with that, we should talk.

Lisbon: Then let’s talk, because when we catch Red John, we are gonna take him into custody, and he’s gonna be tried in a court of law.

Jane: Not if I’m still breathing.

Lisbon: If you try and do violence to him, I will try and stop you. If you succeed in doing violence to him, I will arrest you.

Jane: I understand.

Lisbon: I hope so.

Jane: Well, I’m glad we talked. I had no idea you were so bourgeois and conventional on the issue. Mm.

Rigsby: You thinking what I’m thinking?

Cho: No.

Rigsby: How do you know you’re not?

Cho: I was thinking how I wish I could go back in time and have sex with my eighth grade history teacher, Miss Huffaker. Is that what you were thinking?

Rigsby: No. I was thinking Mitch Reese, the gas station guy.

Cho: Whatever lights your fire, man.

Rigsby: As a suspect. Think about it. Who first told us about Dave Martin?

Cho: Mitch Reese.

Rigsby: Knew all about it, even though he’d only been here a year.

Cho: So?

Rigsby: So they never found Dave Martin’s body, and now someone is taking revenge on the people that murdered him.

Cho: Mitch Reese is Dave Martin?

Rigsby: The beard, the burn scars on his arms, his whole vibe.

Cho: Huh. Wait, Dave Martin was bald. …Wig!

Rigsby: I would put money on it. Let’s go talk to him.

Cho: We gotta keep an eye on Machado.

Rigsby: To protect Machado from the killer, and if Reese is our guy, that’s what we’re doing.

Cho: Okay, but I’m calling it in.

Rigsby: Mr. Reese, when exactly did you come to Marquesa?

Mitch: 18 months ago, give or take.

Cho: And what was it brought you here? Why Marquesa?

Mitch: This place was for sale.

Cho: No other reason? You didn’t know anyone in town before you moved here?

Mitch: Nope. Fresh start.

Cho: How did you get those burn scars on your arms?

Mitch: Engine blew up on me while I was working on it. Why do you ask?

Cho: Just curious. Is that your own hair?

Mitch: Excuse me?

Cho: On your head. Is that yours, or are you wearing a wig?

Mitch: No, it’s my own hair. What kind of a question is that?

Cho: Mind if we check?

Mitch: Yes, I do—ow!

Cho: Sorry, sir.

Rigsby: Damn. Thanks for your time.

Man: Hello, Ben. Aah! You’re gonna need a firin’ pin. You stay back or I will light you up.

Ben: Who are you? What do you want?

Man: You know who I am.

Ben: I have no freakin’ idea, man.

Man: Sure you do, Ben. You tried to kill me.

Ben: What? No. That’s impossible.

Man: No, it’s not. It’s me.

Ben: Dave? Dave Martin? Help! Help! Help! Help! Help!

Man: No one can hear you, man. You’re gonna die alone, screaming in agony, like I did.

Ben: This can’t be happening. Help!

Man: Why did you kill me, Ben? We were friends. You wanted money so bad? You should’ve told me. I would’ve helped you.

Ben: I did tell you. All of us, we begged you, but you wouldn’t listen, You selfish bastard! We didn’t want to kill you! I’m sorry, okay? I’m sorry!

Jane: See how much better that feels? I forgive you. Can’t speak for Dave Martin, though.

Ben: You son of a bitch.

Jane: You don’t want to make things worse for yourself. Rigsby! Cho!

Ben: What? I killed an intruder in my barn. How was I to know it was a cop? If that’s even what you are. What are you exactly?

Jane: Rigsby! Cho! They’re right outside.

Ben: Oh, are they?

Jane: Wait a second. One thing you’re forgetting.

Man: Machado! Ben Machado!

Ben: That’s not…

Man: You ready to die?

Ben: What the hell’s going on?

Jane: Oh, dear. Rigsby! Cho!

Rigsby: Jane, you in there? Oh, crap. Jane! Jane! Jane! Are you ok?

Jane: That was close. Where were you guys?

Rigsby: We called in to check out a lead.

Cho: Yeah, Lisbon didn’t know you were about to pull an idiotic stunt. Sorry.

Jane: No hard feelings. Whoa, whoa. Oh, arrest this man he confessed to killing Dave Martin.

Cho: Cool.

Jane: Got it all here.

Cho: Turn around. Again.

Jane: Yeah, yeah, you could… Yeah, I’ll just… I’ll just wait here.

Rigsby: Freeze!

Jane: That’s good. Got him.

Tommy: Hello, sir.

Cho: Tommy, what were you doing at the Machado house last night?

Tommy: Sir, do you got any soda?

Cho: What kind do you want?

Tommy: My super favorite is root beer.

Cho: Okay, I’ll get you some in a minute.

Tommy: Do you like root beer?

Cho: No. Do you like to burn things, Tommy?

Tommy: No.

Cho: No? You sure about that?

Tommy: Am I sure about what?

Cho: What were you doing at the Machado house?

Tommy: Watching the barn burn down.

Cho: You liked watching it, huh? Gave you a nice feeling?

Tommy: No, I was scared. I don’t like fire. Fire hurts. Do you have root beer?

Lisbon: It doesn’t make sense. All the evidence says it’s him. There was ethyl ether traces all over him. But the arsonist used an electronic timer and rocket fuel, and Tommy’s wearing velcro sneakers. Call him challenged, retarded, whatever you want. There’s no way he’s capable of this.

Rigsby: What if he had a partner?

Lisbon: Maybe that’s it. Somebody’s manipulating him. Someone he trusts.

Jane: Give me a moment with him. Do you mind?

Cho: Sure thing. Don’t make a mess.

Jane: Cop humor. Not funny. I’m supposed to be finding out who put you up to this. You see, my friends think you’re an idiot.

Tommy: Everybody says that. Sometimes they’re not nice.

Jane: Yes. Being a fool gives you a sort of power, doesn’t it? You’re there, and you’re not there. It’s like having a wizard’s cloak of invisibility.

Tommy: I don’t understand what you’re saying, sir, but I like wizards. The…the other man said he’d get me a root beer, but he never did.

Jane: Revenge is a hard road, isn’t it? It’s like when Captain Ahab was chasing Moby Dick. The whale died all right, but the “Pea Pod” went down, too.

Tommy: “Pequod.” Ahab’s ship is the “Pequod.”

Jane: Exactly. The “Pequod.” Silly of me. Here’s your copy here. I must say, I’m impressed. I know english literature professors that haven’t read Moby Dick.

Tommy: I like whales. They eat squids.

Jane: Looking back, I should have known it was you the first time I saw you. Only an idiot would wear a t-shirt like that to a house in mourning. An idiot, or a daring killer with a warped sense of humor. You’re going down for this one. You might as well go down as your real self. You have pulled off something amazing. You should be proud in a way.

Tommy: That root beer coming?

Jane: Why don’t you just talk to me, Thomas? There’s no point in hiding anymore. I can see you.

Tommy: What do you want to know?

Jane: Hello. Good to meet you. I am curious. Are there two of you, or is Tommy just an act that you put on?

Tommy: Oh, please. I’m not a mental case. Tommy’s an act… A-a performance.

Jane: That you never turn off.

Tommy: He amuses me. He protects me. When I was 18, I jacked a car and got caught. But when I pulled the Tommy act, the cops let me go. I’ve gotten much better since then, of course.

Jane: Good enough to avenge Dave Martin’s death.

Tommy: Three months ago, the company finally got a permit to exploit the aquifer. All that money. I put things together, realized what they’d done to Dave. Thanks.

Jane: I confess, I-I never really could get to the end of it. Ahab does die, doesn’t he?

Tommy: Yes. But so does the whale.

Jane: That’s my point. Revenge doesn’t come cheap.

Tommy: Oh, spare me your moralizing. I know what revenge costs. It’s worth the price. David Martin had many flaws, no doubt. But he was my friend. My friend. Those animals, they deserve what they got. It was justice.

Jane: You admit to killing Rich Garcia and trying to kill Trey Piller?

Tommy: I watched them scream and writhe in agony… And it was beautiful. It was redemptive. You wouldn’t understand.

Jane: Agent Cho does the formal police charging stuff. We’re done. Good luck, Thomas.

Tommy: Would you do one thing for me?

Jane: You can ask.

Tommy: Would you tell Maddy Garcia… I’m sorry for hurting her?

Maddy: Sorry? He’s sorry? You tell him if he ever gets out of jail, I’m gonna set him on fire and see how he likes it.

Susan: Maddy.

Maddy: I am! Susan: Your father wasn’t…

Maddy: And don’t you talk about him. You have no right! No right!

Jane: Your father killed a man and Tommy killed him out of revenge. You know that. Revenge is a poison. Revenge is for fools and for madmen.

Maddy: I don’t care.

Jane: Yes, you do. Hey, come here. Come on. We have to go, but, uh, could you do me a favor? Could you both do me a favor? Would you hug? Just pretend like you love each other. Please? That’s it. Just like that. That’s good. Now hold that pose until we leave. It’ll help Lisbon and me feel like we’ve actually made a difference. Thank you.

Lisbon: So?

Jane: So?

Lisbon: Seems like this whole thing changed your mind about vengeance.

Jane: Huh?

Lisbon: “Revenge is for fools and madmen.”

Jane: That was rather good, I thought. Total nonsense, but quite good nonetheless. Shall we?

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