We Are Deep In the Threes

Meaning and Explanation of “Deep In The Threes”

This is an uncommon English expression – it is an unexpected and surprising way to say “late 30’s” – that is, being between 36 and 39 years old. If we think that getting older is a bad thing, then as you get older, the quality of your life declines lower and lower. As a result, you get deeper and deeper, until eventually you are deep in the threes.  


Possible visual representation of "Deep in the threes", as said by Kate in 'This is Us'.
A Visual Representation of Kate’s uncommon English expression. The older you get, the deeper it gets.

Examples of “Deep In the Threes” in TV and Movies

This is a clever English language “joke”. When native English speakers hear this, they likely think, “Haha, I’ve never heard it said that way before! That’s really interesting and funny.” We don’t normally talk about decades of our life by saying “the threes” or “the twos”. That’s part of what makes this a funny line.


Usage Notes

Honestly, if you’re still learning English, I would suggest that you don’t use this expression. If you say this, and you speak English with any sort of accent from your original language, then listeners will probably assume that you’ve made a mistake. They won’t correct you. But they will think something like, “Oh, they got that English expression wrong – nobody says ‘deep in the threes’. That’s a shame that they’ve translated an expression from their native language incorrectly, in their heads.” 

I suppose one could write this as “deep in the 3s” or “deep in the 3’s”, “deep in the three’s”, too. But again, I don’t think you should. Instead, you should just laugh at Kate’s funny expression, and not repeat it. 🙂


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